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Master's Programme "Global Food, Nutrition and Health" (M.Sc.)

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Course structure

The Master's programme "Global Food, Nutrition and Health" (M.Sc.) comprises modules with a total of 120 ECTS credits. It offers a broad range of modules, which are structured into the following module areas:

A Approaches + Targets + Controversies (30 credits)Hide
  • Global Nutrition and Food Security (5 credits)
  • Global Health and Global Health Financing (5 credits)
  • Climate Change and its Consequences (5 credits)
  • Components and Production of Plant and Animal Foods (5 credits)
  • Medicine and Nutrition (5 credits)
  • Political Economy of Nutrition and Health (5 credits)
B Food, Nutrition and Health in a Global Context (20 credits)Hide
  • International Comparison of Food, Nutrition and Health Systems (5 credits)
  • The Politics of Development in Nutrition and Health (5 credits)
  • Introduction to Law and Food Law (5 credits)
  • International Nutrition and Health Politics & Nutrition and Health Aims (5 credits)
C Research Strategies and Methods in Science and Practice (5 credits)Hide
  • Research Strategies and Methods in Science and Practice (5 credits)
D Lecture Series (5 credits)Hide
  • Lecture Series (5 credits)
E Multidisciplinary Training: Co-Teaching (choice 3 out of 8 modules) (15 credits)Hide
  • Sustainability, Planetary Boundaries (5 credits)
  • Critical Perspectives on “Food Security” (5 credits)
  • Evaluation of Complex Interventions (5 credits)
  • Migration and Health (5 credits)
  • External Interventions and Humanitarian Aid (5 credits)
  • Medical Ethics (5 credits)
  • Urban Health (5 credits)
  • Food Trade Law (5 credits)
F Multidisciplinary Training: Summer School (5 credits)Hide
  • Multidisciplinary Training: Summer School (5 credits)
G Mandatory 2-month Internship (10 credits)Hide
  • Mandatory 2-month Internship (10 credits)
H Master's Thesis (30 ECTS credits)Hide
  • Master's Thesis (30 ECTS credits)

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